So, you are in Amsterdam with your family, friends or colleagues and you are looking for a true Amsterdam Experience. Of course, you’ve been out in Amsterdam and seen the city, but you are looking for something special. Have you ever thought of a cheese tasting? What’s more Dutch then cheese? Go for it! A true Amsterdam Experience is a cheese tasting at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store.

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store at the Damrak organizes a cheese tasting every day at 4.30 pm. Make sure to reserve your spot, this is obligated. The location of the Amsterdam Experience is in the middle of the centre of Amsterdam. This means the location is easy to find and afterwards you can do a lot of other activities in the centre of the capital of Holland. The Amsterdam Cheese Store is started with the first store in 2013. Because the cheeses are all made from pasteurized milk, the cheese is something you can take as a souvenir. Since 2015 the Old Amsterdam Cheese store organizes a true Amsterdam Experience; the cheese tasting.

The cheese tasting

The cheese tasting, also known as the ultimate Amsterdam Experience, will take about an hour. During this hour you will learn everything you want to know about Dutch cheese. You will taste five different cheeses, combined with suiting wines. The wines are set together with the cheese by a sommelier. A true cheese expert will teach you a little about every different cheese you’ve tasted and after the cheese tasting you are able to tell the differences between the cheeses. During this cheese tasting there will also be an interactive quiz. This quiz brings in a little competitive element. The winner gets a nice present to bring home.