Create your start-up whilst getting a BSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Amsterdam has a new private university of applied sciences, which is completely different from any other business school. The Global School for Entrepreneurship (GS4E) focuses on preparing a new generation of young entrepreneurs using an entirely new formula.

Their four-year curriculum has been developed together with startups and at least 75% of the lectures have entrepreneurial experience themselves. There are no lecture rooms, but a stimulating hands-on environment where the students work together and experiment. Dean and co-founder Thomas Blekman has a clear goal: “I want to teach students to have the courage to think big without losing sight of what is meaningful and being able to plan and execute a feasible roadmap for their own entrepreneurial goal”.

The students

The first group of students has started their bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The University of Applied Science has its campus in The Student Hotel Amsterdam City. There, they have access to a range of facilities including flex desks, offices, meeting rooms and a gym. After the first two years, students will be given the opportunity to learn in startup hubs all over the world.

During their first year, students will take courses such as Lean Startup, Social & Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Blockchain, led by inspirational teachers with a lot of practical experience. “My previous bachelor was very old-fashioned, with long lessons and many books. You can quickly memorize information for an exam and get away with it, but it has little depth”, says Tijn Barthen who transferred to GS4E. He now feels he’s at a better place. “I am convinced that this degree is a good investment.”

During the first two days, under the guidance of a coach, students had sessions on personal growth by asking themselves and each other questions about their own weaknesses and strengths. “It is not easy to be immediately vulnerable,” says Joshua Waaijenberg, “But I feel taken very seriously already”.

The school is for students in all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Some of them, such as Vincent Noske, already have their own company. Noske organizes bicycle tours for tourists in Amsterdam East. “It is my fifth company, but there is always something to learn.” They do not need to have a business or business idea to start the programme, through intensive coaching and by meeting successful entrepreneurs in various fields, they can achieve whichever goals they have.

The philosophy

The Global School for Entrepreneurship wants students to experience and experiment as much as possible, with both academic experts and field experts, supporting them with knowledge and experience. “We are challenging our students to learn entrepreneurship from day one”, says Blekman. The best way to develop your entrepreneurial skills is by using them, that is the basic principle of its 21st century curriculum. Assessment is focused on practical application of theory and an emphasis on personal reflection. Students are challenged to find their purpose and become meaningful entrepreneurs, either with their own business, their family business, social business or as an intrapreneur.

The founders

The Global School for Entrepreneurship was founded by three entrepreneurs with a passion for education. Dean Thomas Blekman was a part-time Clinical Professor at the Erasmus University where he taught ‘effectuation’, or how large companies learn from the approach of entrepreneurs. Timo Timmerman has 35 years of experience in private higher education, he founded Nyenrode New Business School, where he was the Dean for many years. Hendrik Halbe is the founder of the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship (ECE), a knowledge center connected to the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and he is the driving force behind the international startup platform Get in the Ring.


You are welcome to attend the information session on Wednesday the 31st of October. Sign up through our website: